Want to try soulful art?

Do you want to draw and paint for your soul?

Do you want to learn how to create for the process?

Creating with meditations?

To create for you and your well-being?

I would love to introduce you to the art of the soul and offer you a free online course. I hope that creating in this way enriches your life as it has for mine. You don't need any experience, only the desire to create, curiosity and open mind.

With warm regards

Kristín Berta

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Creating is a beautiful way to quiet one's mind. To be able to engage in art making for relaxation and overall well-being, many of us must practice making peace with our inner critic and working on cultivating a positive mindset towards our art. Within the courses offered by Sálarlist, the primary objective is for individuals to learn how to maintain a profound connection with their creative essence through the practice of uncomplicated creative exercises and "doodling." With soulart/sálarlist we ceate to enjoy the process and for the many benefits for our soul, rather than the product.

The central aim of Sálarlist, also known as soulful art, is not to conform to conventional beauty standards, but rather to sustain the flame of creativity and draw nearer to the enriching and positive impacts that creativity can bestow upon our well-being. It is recommended that individuals learn to befriend their inner critic, enabling them to create with a tranquil state of mind and relish the process, which can be both healing and transformative.

Paint for the process

Engaging in the process of painting rather than fixating solely on the end result offers you an opportunity to savor the act of creation at a profound level. By doing so, you release any need to create something practical, a masterpiece, or a tangible product. The sole intention is to immerse yourself in stillness alongside the hues on your canvas or art journal.

This approach signifies that there exists no demand for a grand outcome from your creative endeavors. Yet, what could be more enchanting than fostering tranquility, serenity, harmony, and elation within your own being through the act of artistic expression?

  • Puplic speaking

    In 2020, Kristín Berta established Sálarlist. Within this platform, she harmonizes her educational background across diverse fields with her passion for creativity. Within the domain of Sálarlist/ Soulful art, the focus is on creativity in the form of painting, drawin and journaling, meditation, and forging a connection with nature. Yet, it also encompasses the mastery of mindful living and the role of being a creator in one's own life.

    Beneath the encompassing umbrella of soul art, Kristín Berta wears several hats. She not only operates as a clinical social worker and family therapist within her private practice, but she also takes on roles as a yoga nidra teacher, an artist, and an instructor in creative self-care and mindfulness. Moreover, Kristín Berta extends her expertise to companies and events, delivering lectures that delve into various facets of her knowledge and her personal journey with grief and its intricate processing.

  • Courses

    Kristín Berta offers online courses, where the act of drawing, painting and journaling is designed to nourish the soul. Additionally, there is the option to request creative self-care interventions for the staff at your workplace. Through these interventions, Kristín Berta seamlessly blends talks on stress management and well-being, meditation, mindfulness, deep relaxation, and creativity.

    Creative self-care, in essence, serves as a pathway to utilize creativity for a deeper self-understanding. It facilitates the exploration of one's inner landscape, recognition of emotions, and the discovery of channels for expression through creation. It further aids in fortifying intuition, practicing mindfulness through the act of creating for the joy of the process, relaxation and self fulfilment.

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