Would you like to make Soulful art?

Do you want to draw and paint for your soul?

Do you want to create for the joy of the process and let go of the outcome?

Are you interested in combining art and meditation for your well-being?

Allow us to introduce you to Kristín's approach to soulful art. We're offering a free online course so you can experience it for yourself. Many women have found their lives enriched by creating in this way, and we hope you will too.

No prior experience is needed—just a desire to create, a sense of curiosity, and an open mind.

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Drawing and painting are wonderful ways to quiet the mind. To enjoy art for relaxation and well-being, we might need to make peace with our inner critic and foster a positive attitude towards our creations. In Kristín´s soulful art courses, the main goal is to help you stay connected to your creative spirit through simple exercises and mindful doodling. With Sálarlist/soulful art, we create to enjoy the process and reap the benefits for our soul, rather than focusing on the final product. The aim of Sálarlist, or soulful art, isn't to meet conventional beauty standards but to keep the creative spark alive and experience the positive effects creativity has on your well-being. Learning to befriend your inner critic can help you create with a calm mind and truly enjoy the process, making it both healing and transformative.

Paint for the process

Engaging in the process of painting rather than fixating solely on the end result offers you an opportunity to savor the act of creation at a profound level. By doing so, you release any need to create something practical, a masterpiece, or a tangible product. The sole intention is to immerse yourself in stillness alongside the hues on your canvas or art journal.

This approach signifies that there exists no demand for a grand outcome from your creative endeavors. Yet, what could be more enchanting than fostering tranquility, serenity, harmony, and elation within your own being through the act of artistic expression?

  • Kristín´s Soulful Art

    In 2020, Kristín Berta established Sálarlist/Kristín´s Soulful Art in Iceland. Within this platform, she harmonizes her educational background across diverse fields with her passion for creativity. Within the domain of Kristín´s Soulful Art, the focus is on creativity in the form of painting, drawing, journaling, meditating, and forging a connection with nature. Yet, it also encompasses the mastery of mindful living and the role of being a creator in one's own life.

    Beneath the encompassing umbrella of Sálarlist or Kristín´s Soulful art, Kristín Berta wears several hats. She not only operates as a clinical social worker and family therapist within her private practice in Iceland, but she also takes on roles as a yoga nidra teacher, an artist, and an instructor in creative self-care and mindfulness.

  • Online courses

    Kristín Berta offers online courses that combine meditation, drawing, painting, and journaling to nourish the soul. These creative self-care practices serve as a pathway to joy and fulfillment in life, while also fostering deeper self-understanding. Participants explore their inner landscapes, recognize emotions, and discover channels for expression through creation. Additionally, these practices help fortify intuition, cultivate mindfulness through the joy of the creative process, and promote relaxation and well being.

  • Holistic approach

    Icelandic nature has always been Kristín's well of inspiration for her art. Through her work, she encourages others to embrace the therapeutic aspects of art, guiding them to create without judgment and appreciate the journey of self-discovery. By integrating creativity, nature, and meditation, Kristín offers a holistic approach to enhancing well-being, helping individuals find balance and joy in their everyday lives.

  • The course "Painting for heart and soul" gave me confidence and more faith in myself.

    What stands out is th approach to art that gave me the courage and permission to try things I haven't tried before. The course gave me confidence and more faith in myself and now I cherish the moments I have with myself and my artistic goddess.

    -Svava Brooks
    Trauma recovery co

  • I found this course, "Paint for your heart and soul" by "accident" on facebook. The course felt like a gift from heaven, offering simple and fun projects that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. I discovered that creating a little art every day boosted my creativity and made me more solution-oriented. There's nothing more important than giving yourself time, even if it's just five minutes a day, and this course taught me exactly that

    -Rakel Mjöll Guðmundsdóttir -

  • It's hard for me to put into words how big a role you have in how I feel today while I create. But today, when I think of something (an image method to try, new colors) it's no problem. No stress about the outcome, no fear of drawing the lines, because it's all about pleasure while creating.

    - Elín Helgadóttir-