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Kristín Berta at Sálarlist/Kristín´s Soulful Art offers counseling and therapy in her private practice in Iceland.

Location: Fjarðargata 11 - 2nd floor 220 Hafnarfjörður


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Kristín Berta Guðnadóttir holds a Master's degree in Social Work and Family Therapy from the University of Iceland. In addition to her qualifications in social work and family therapy, she is also a certified yoga teacher and intentional creativity teacher. Kristín Berta founded and runs the company Sálarlist, where she leads courses in creative self care that includes, for example, deep relaxation/yoga nidra, mindfulness, self-knowledge, stress management and creativity.

Kristín Berta has worked in the health care system since she graduated as a social worker in 2006. She has extensive experience and has worked in the field of child protection, health and social services since 2006. She has worked at Barnavernd(child protective service), BUGL(children pshyciatric hospital in Iceland) and social services in Iceland. Kristín Berta worked for almost 6 years in Barnahús and provided trauma therapy for children and teenagers who have suffered sexual violence and/or physical violence. Kristín Berta has also worked for non-governmental organizations such as the Píeta association and works one day a week as a counsler at Bergið Headspace.

Social work

There are many things that affect our happiness and well-being. Social workers look at the lives of individuals from a holistic perspective. An individual is part of a family and society and plays many roles in everyday life. For example, a person can be a mother, a boss at work, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a friend, a member of society, and so on. That is why it is important to look at a person's situation based on the roles they play, environment, circumstances and relationships with other people. Social work seeks to find the strengths of an individual or family so that they or the family can best cope with the obstacles or pressures they face.


Family approach

A family approach is grounded in the principles of family therapy, which acknowledge the significant impact that family dynamics have on individual lives. Within this framework, the family is viewed as a distinct system, wherein each member influences and is influenced by others within the system. For instance, if one family member experiences trauma or serious illness, it reverberates throughout the entire family, affecting each member in various ways.

The family into which a person is born is commonly referred to as their family of origin. The attitudes and traditions ingrained within the family of origin significantly influence individuals as they navigate the process of creating their own families. It becomes a crucial developmental task to explore and comprehend these inherited family patterns. This understanding allows individuals to discern beneficial aspects to carry forward while also identifying areas for change. By recognizing and addressing unhelpful or potentially harmful family patterns, individuals can break the cycle and cultivate healthier family dynamics in their own lives

The generational heritage we carry with us significantly shapes our communication styles and interpersonal dynamics. Through a family-oriented approach, we can delve into our family of origin to understand how it has influenced our communication patterns. By examining our familial roots, we gain awareness of the ways in which our upbringing has molded us, allowing us to navigate relationships more consciously.


What is EMDR?

EMDR is a holistic psychological therapy that was developed to process the effects of trauma and stressful life experiences. The treatment is about processing difficult memories, thoughts and feelings. The approach utilizes various elements from other older and successful forms of therapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy

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Art in therapy

Art has served as a powerful tool across diverse cultures for expressing emotions, providing solace in times of grief, and alleviating stress. Kristín Berta incorporates creative techniques into her therapeutic approach for those interested in exploring them. With a background in various art therapy courses focused on trauma, she seamlessly integrates creativity into other therapeutic modalities for those interested. Additionally, Kristín encourages individuals to engage in creative projects during their downtime as a means of coping with stress, sadness, or anxiety.

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Additional education

Kristín Berta strives to continuously improve her knowledge by seeking professional guidance and attending courses and conferences in Iceland and abroad.

EMDR 1 and 2 /Roger Solomon
Trauma focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF_CBT) Training and Implementation/ -Monica Fitzgerald.
EMDR for Children and Adolescents/ Renee Beer.
Attachment based family therapy
Working with Complex Trauma & Dissociation in EMDR: Treating Parts./Kathleen Martin
Advanced Cognitive Processing Therapy. Dr. Patricia Resick.
Gottman Method Couples therapy training, John and Julie Gottman
Training course for professionals on the ADIS Anxiety Diagnostic Interview.
Professional training in the basics of PMT. Hafnarfjörður school office.
Parenting that works, mentoring course at the Development and Behavior Center.
Course at BUGL on the use of K-SADS diagnostic interviews
Sensorymotor art therapy approach for trauma - Cornelia Elbrecht
Body based approaches and expressive arts therapy - Emily Johnson Welsh
Trauma informed expressive arts therapy - Advanced level two - Cathy Malchiodi
ArtKey: Use art to unlock more effective trauma narratives-Lisa Mitchell
EMDR Step by Step with insession Client Demonstration, Linda Gurran
Helping Anxious Kids, Lynn Lyons
Talking and drawing - Foundation course - Alison Beagley
Foundation course Anxiety disorders in Children & Adolescents, Paul Focman
Mindfulness for Treating kids and Teens: Interventions for ADHD, Anxiety, Trauma, Emotional regulation and more, Christopher Eillard
Chronic Anxiety/Dave Carbonell
Finding meaning: The sixth stage of grief - David Kessler
Studying yoga and creating art with intention:
Intentional creativity teacher - Shiloh Sophia
Yoga teacher training at Yogavin - Ásta Arnardóttir
Yoga for youth- course held in Yoga shala
Level II teacher training Brahmani Yoga - Julie Martin
Yoga Nidra teacher training - Matsyendra Saraswati
Yoga Nidra teacher training - Scott Moore