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Kristín Berta, born in 1978 and raised in Reykjavík Iceland. Her artistic journey ignited early, as she explored a wide range of art courses during her childhood, teenage years, and early adulthood at Reykjavík Art School (Myndlistaskóli Reykjavíkur). A passionate pursuit of artistic education led her to embrace courses in oil painting with mentors including Þorri Hringsson at Myndlisaskóli Reykjavíkur, Þuríður Sigurðardóttir, Rúna Gísladóttir, who founded the art school Myndmál, Einar Hákonarson and Hermann Árnason at Reykjanesbær's art school.

As Kristín Berta's artistic horizons expanded, so did her mediums. Venturing from oil colors, into acrylic painting and mixed media, she broadened her artistic perspective by participating in numerous courses abroad, guided by a diverse array of instructors.

Work by Kristín Berta


Kristín Berta had her first solo art exhibition, "Under the Blue Sky," in Denmark when she was 20 years old. However, she didn't continue with more exhibitions as she gradually stopped painting and turned to other interests. It wasn't until much later that she realised how much she missed painting and the sadness it brought. About 9 years ago, she picked up the paintbrush again, finding comfort in its strokes during challenging times marked by the illness and loss of loved ones.

With the return to her canvas, Kristín Berta rediscovered the essence of her artistic fascination—tranquility, the seamless flow of creativity, and an inner joy. Yet, it was more than that. The act of painting reconnected her with her own self and tapped into the life-force energy that creativity brings.

In 2022, Kristín Berta presented another solo exhibition, "Blossoms in Deep Grief." There was her art created in 2021-2022, when grieving the loss of her two sisters. Both sisters, immensely creative, departed from this world too soon. Through this exhibition, Kristín Berta paid tribute to the memory of her sisters while also illuminating the journey of grief and its healing path.

Inspiration and the creative process in Kristín´s own words

Just as life itself comes in various forms, my artworks are a reflection of this beautiful diversity. Nature serves as a wellspring of inspiration, with flowers and trees taking center stage. Moreover, the interplay of words and imagery has long held my fascination, as I explore how these two mediums can harmonize to create something truly captivating.

Writing and painting are complementary forms of expression that harmonize with one another.

When I approach a new piece, I rarely have a clear idea of ​​what is going to happen. Instead, I let the colors and shapes guide me, listen to what the painting wants to say and let it speak to me in its own unique language. Sometimes the images that emerge are full of energy and life, but sometimes they carry a softness and calmness, as if whispering a secret that only the most attentive viewer can feel.

As I work, I often find myself drawn to certain words or fragments of text that seem to capture the essence of what the painting has to say.

I write them down in a notebook and even onto the canvas and in between layers and allow them to seep into the work and the energy around me. When the painting is finished, I sit down with my journal, view the work and start writing whatever comes to me.

Each painting tells its own story or brings a message. And if no words come to mind, it means the colours and images want to speak for themselves.

As an intentional creativity artist and teacher, I sometimes create with intention. Then I write the intention on the canvas at the beginning and then see what wants to come. This approach infuses the artwork with a specific energy that I have in mind. I belief that whoever eventually acquires the piece will need precisely that energy or intention in their life.

- Kristín Berta Guðnadóttir -

  • Brighter days

    Isn't that wonderful?

    When the morning sun sneaks into the day

    after a snowy winter?

    The sky golden and full of hope,

    of brighter days.

    May light fill your days

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  • The roads of life

    They are sometimes gnarled

    these roads of life.

    It can be hard to
    find our way.

    We might face
    trouble as we go.

    When the road is straight, everything is so easy.

    Be awake
    and you will see that gold and treasures are hidden in many places,

    for you to take with you.

    Somewhere you sprinkle gold your way,

    for others to take with them.


    “May you see all the glittering gold

      that may come your way"

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  • Circuit

    The leaves do not all grow at the same time.
    They do not all fall at the same time.
    Do the leaves that hang until October,
    miss those who fell at the end of August?

    The cycle so beautiful.
    The falling leaves.
    Joining the earth,
    and appear in each new bloom.

    May you find the beauty in the cycle of life

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