Málaðu streituna burt!

Paint the stress away!

The focus and emotional expression we experience through the creative process has been shown to combat stress and lead to greater happiness in life. In a study where participants were given the task of writing in a diary regularly, it was found that diary writing has a motivating effect on people and personal growth. It has also been researched that if we can make creativity a habit rather than just waiting for the "spirit" to come to us, it leads to greater results in the projects we undertake. In other words, creativity begets more creativity, as I've always said.

It has been like that in my life that the more I create the more creative I become in every way. As if creativity is an inexhaustible well. However, many people are waiting for creativity to come in waves. Waiting for the muse to bring her inspiration. However, you may have to wait quite a long time if you stop creating. Namely, research shows that practice maintains creativity. That we can keep the door open for the muse through regular practice! This is entirely my experience and what my teaching focuses on. Create soulful art that feeds the spirit and is for the process, not the outcome. 

What's also so wonderful is that research shows that the process of creating leads to less stress. But not only that. We are more likely to be creative when we are relaxed. This is a simple example! Want to be more creative? Then start creating. Are you too stressed to create and don't have the time? Creativity has a positive effect on a stressed nervous system so.....start creating!

Creativity requires focus and while we are creating there is no room to be occupied with stressful thoughts. In this sense, creation can be compared to meditation. Making creativity a habit is therefore something that has a positive effect on mental health. In addition, it is good to keep in mind that stress kills creativity. It therefore goes hand in hand that if we want to be more creative, we should manage our stress better, and as a way to manage our stress it is advisable to use the power of creativity!

"Win Win" right?

Practice sustains creativity and creativity has positive effects so what are you waiting for?




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