Um sálarlistina og listina að lifa (Áramótahugleiðing 2022)

About soulful art and the art of living (New Year's Reflection 2022)


Sálarlist (Soulful art) covers everything that brings me passion in life, both personally and professionally. It's about my dreams and the dreams I want to awaken in others. To me, soulful art means creating for the joy of the process, not just the final product. It's about making art that nourishes the heart and soul with creativity wherever it appears in life. It opens the channel of creation, which is what life is all about. We are always creating, every day, every minute. Creativity connects us to the energy of life and the joy of bringing something new into being.

Soulful art is more than just paint and brushes, although I use that imagery here. Everything we do is creation. If we keep this "channel" of creativity open through things like artistic creation, gardening, cooking, or whatever, we tap into something wonderful. It's a direct connection to our true selves. We get closer to our intuition. When we listen to what our heart calls us to create, we tap into our deepest core. I sometimes call it "waking up to myself."

Soulful art is also the art of living. We can make choices every minute about how we react to life. We don't always choose what happens to us. Sometimes bad things happen, and they can be very painful and difficult. However, we still get to be "co-creators." When we see how much influence we have on our reality, we gain personal power. With each step in personal growth, inner peace grows. When we learn to recognize our emotions and understand what triggers them, we can better control our thoughts and behavior. Then, we hold the brush in our own lives.

We can create something around the unexpected blobs that come onto the canvas against our will. We can create awareness and learn to be with what is—both the good and the bad. When unexpected blobs of paint hit the canvas, we can learn to create peace within ourselves by accepting life as it is, without trying to control it. We begin to realize that stillness is deep within us, not outside. We can learn to listen for it. Even in life's loudest storms and deepest pains, we can create stillness within.

I am lucky to work every day with people who have decided to be creators in their own lives. They come to my private practice or my classes, and I see them connect with their feelings and their compass. I see them step into their own power, sit in front of the canvas of their life, pick up the brush, and start painting. It is a gift to witness this transformation.

May the year be good for you

May you find strength to be with what is

May you find stillness in your deepest fear

May you open your heart

May you find the courage to be you

May you find love for yourself and spread it to others

May you have a happy new year


-Kristín Berta Guðnadóttir-



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