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Would you like to make Soulful Art?

Would you like to make Soulful Art?

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Free Online Course on Creating Watercolor Gratitude and Lotus Flowers Following a Soothing Meditation

Discover the art of mindful painting from the comfort of your own home, or any location with internet access! You'll receive immediate access to the course, allowing you to start listening to the meditation and begin creating your gratitude and lotus flowers at your own pace, whenever it suits you. Your access remains valid as long as Kristin's Soulful Art is online.

I invite you to experience:

  • Igniting Your Imagination with Meditation: Let meditation spark your creativity.
  • Creating with Intention: Focus your mind and intentions as you paint.
  • Nourishing Your Creative Heart: Enrich your inner artist with each brush stroke.
  • The Joy of Creativity: Feel the exhilaration that creativity brings.

Learn in detail how I create watercolor gratitude flowers. Follow along after a lovely meditation and open your heart to the feeling of gratitude.

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Gratitude flower with meditation

FREE Online Course for you!

I want to invite you to experience soulful art with me in the comfort of your own home at your own pace.

Paint for your soul!

I want to introduce you to what I call soulful art or mindful art. The art you create for yourself to enjoy. The art where you allow yourself to play without thinking about producing a product or art to hang on the wall. Soulful art you create for the process of creating regardless of the outcome. The art you use as creative self-cultivation, to increase your awareness and sustain your creativity.

Interest and the longing to create is all you need!

Are you a creative soul looking for a nurturing way to unleash your creativity while enhancing your intuition, awareness, and connection to yourself?

Creating in this way is a true form of self-cultivation. No experience is necessary. Those with experience will enjoy the meditation and inspiration, while beginners have the opportunity to watch gratitude and lotus flowers come to life on paper from start to finish. Everyone can try their hand at the art by following the instructions in the videos.

You were born to create

We are all born with the need, ability, and desire to create. Soulful art is the art you create purely for your own enjoyment. It's where you allow yourself to play without the pressure of producing a product, creating something functional, or making art to hang on the wall. Soulful art serves as a means of creative self-cultivation and helps maintain your creativity.

Find your inspiration through soulful art

Do you remember the joy of creating as a child, simply for the sake of play and enjoyment?

When you engage in mindful art making, this same creativity is reignited, enhancing other aspects of your life. If you create on regular basis you'll find yourself more creative in everything you do!

Meditations that incorporate visualization are excellent for spark the imagination and fostering a deeper connection with your creativity.

  • "Kristín Berta's meditations are absolutely wonderful and incredibly enjoyable to follow. Experiencing everything that unfolds through them is truly remarkable."

  • "The meditation offered during the free course felt like a gift from heaven! I've been tasked with the enjoyable job of illustrating a children's book, and for the past few days, I've started each work session with the meditation. It has significantly helped me get into the flow and open up to creativity."

  • "Kristín Berta is a wonderful individual who communicates with ease and sincerity, generously sharing her experiences and creations. Through her courses, I have learned to believe in myself and my own creations."